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How to prepare for an I.P.L. treatment before coming into the Spa:
  • Make sure hair is shaved prior to coming into the spa, this will cut down on the time of the treatment.  DO NOT wax or tweeze prior to hair removal treatment.
  • Remove all make-up and creams from the treatment area.
  • Discontinue sun bed use and "fake tanning" products for at least four weeks prior to treatment.
  • Avoid sun tanning four weeks prior to and between treatments.
  • Wear light coloured loose clothing.
  • Make sure to read over ALL of the FAQ's and that you are a candidate for IPL treatments.
After Treatment Instructions:
  • Limit sun exposure as much as possible.
  • Use a high SPF sunscreen when exposed to the sun between and after treatments.
  • Discontinue sun bed use and "fake tanning" products.
  • Cool any areas which remain warm after treatment with cooling aloe vera gels, cold compresses or frozen gel packs. Some clients may experience some redness and/or warmth at the treatment site, which is normal and can be cooled with cold wet compresses if desired.
  • 12-24 hours after treatment, avoid extremely hot baths, whirlpools, saunas, or heavily chlorinated swimming pools.
  • Avoid strong deodorants after hair reduction treatment of the underarms.
  • Do not wax or tweeze treatment areas between hair removal treatments. Save as often as you like.
Who is a candidate for treatment?
Intense Pulsed Light for hair removal is safe and effective on most skin types.  Treatments are customized according to your skin type, hair colour and treatment area.  Most body parts can be treated and special eye protection is used when working closely around the eyes.
IPL works best with dark coarse hair. Light skin and dark hair are an ideal combination.
Who should not be considered a Candidate?
Certain drugs and cosmetics are highly photosensitive and it is recommended to stop taking them prior to treatment.
Diabetics - Type I and Type II diabetics are not ideal candidates for IPL treatments due to delayed healing and infection, however they have been known to be fine but we advise that you check with your doctor first.
Chemotherapy - It is recommended to wait at least three weeks prior to IPL treatments.  Chemotherapy can thin the skin and the healing process can be potentially delayed.
Photo-Sensitive Drugs - Ideally it is recommended that you stop taking photo-sensitive drugs such as accutane, retinal A, tetracycline, some fertility drugs, anti-depressants for four weeks prior to treatment.  Accutane patients may not be treated unless they have been off the drug for two years.  Retinal A patients should wait two or three days of being off of the drug prior to treatment.
Hormonal Drugs - Results are less predictable for people taking hormonal drugs as some hormonal drugs can stimulate hair growth.
Sun tanned Skin - clients should not be actively tanning the treatment area 48 hours before or after treatments.
Is it ok to shave between treatments?
As IPL penetrates through the skin right to the bulb of the hair, it is still ok to shave between treatments if you like but DO NOT tweeze or wax, as that will remove the target, reducing the Intense Pulsed Light's ability to destroy it (you can not destroy what is not there).
Is the treatment Painful?
Most clients describe the feeling as similar to the snap of an elastic band, or a brief pin prick sensation. It is said to be 98% less painful than the alternatives of waxing, tweezing and electrolysis.
Can you treat areas of my body where i have a tattoo?
There may be a possibility that the IPL hand piece can fade the tattoo due to the removal of pigment in the skin.  Unless consent is given by the client who is aware that this may occur we will not treat areas that are covered by tattoo's.
How does IPL permanent hair reduction work?
IPL hair removal utilizes beams of highly concentrated light designed to selectively penetrate into the hair follicles, to be absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles and to destroy the hair within that hair follicle
How many treatments will be required?
Permanent hair reduction will require multiple treatments depending on skin type, density of hair etc. Hair grows in three cycles called Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. IPL technology most effectively works in the Anagen (active growth) phase when the hair is is in the 1st stage of growth. A maximum of 20% of your hair is in the Anagen stage at any given time. This being said, expect a minimum of 5 sessions to be needed, and in some cases, upwards of 15 sessions.
We know this is a lot of information to take in - if you have any other questions or concerns, please call us and friendly and educated staff will be happy help you.
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